I’ve just finished creating a demo version of my Pic Browser App!

Click Here to Try It Out.

Click Here For the GitHub Link with Code samples.

Feature List:

  • User Can Upload Photos into a Collection and Easily Search for a Photo by Caption Description or Filename
  • Instant Search Results via Ajax When Search Terms Entered
  • Gallery Display of Uploaded Photos
  • Edit Photo Collection: Update Captions or Delete Photos
  • Account Registration
  • User Login and Logout
  • Forgot Password Email and Reset Password

Background and Overview of App Functionality:

I got the idea for the app when a friend of mine was trying to show me a photo on Facebook and couldn’t find it in his collections and albums.  There didn’t seem to be an obvious way to search for the specific photo on Facebook, so he gave up and was never able find it and show me.  Since my goal is to create applications that are helpful and useful to people, that prompted me to begin working on an app where users could easily upload a library of photos and find any photo in their collection to show someone or look up for themselves.

The way the app works is users can log in or create an account, and then upload their photos which are displayed by default on a gallery page.


During uploading, the user can enter a caption description for the photo which is then stored in the database.  When the user wants to  find a specific pic, they simply type in any descriptive keywords that might match the description they entered for it and if a match is found, the matching pics are instantly displayed on the gallery page via Ajax.

Features to be added in future versions:

  • Photo Albums
  • User Profiles

The demo version lasts 30 minutes and users have access to all features currently implemented.  I hope you enjoy using the app and please feel free to let me know if this is something that you would use regularly and find useful – any feedback is welcome!

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