• Stock Glasses – Simplified Stock Analysis.  Stock analysis app based on concepts espoused by Benjamin Graham in “The Intelligent Investor”.  Built with React/Redux, Python Flask and utilizes Firestore for data persistence.
  • HereHere (Place Based Chat App for Android) –  Mobile app for Android built with React-Native.  Chat with other users at a physical location selected on the map.  See profile information of other users who are there and if they are looking to chat, subjects they’re interested in, or to network and what business they’re in.  Useful tool for networking at a place or making new friends during these times.  User base is currently low and actively seeking new users to join to make the app more fun to use.   It is available on the Google Play Store here.
    (Built with React-Native – (bootstrapped with Expo), for chat, Node/Express and MongoDB (using Mongoose) on the backend and uses AWS S3 storage for images.  Consumes the Google Places REST API)
  • Pic Browser App – Image library storage and search tool built with Javascript/JQuery/AJAX/PHP/MySQL.
  • My Udemy Course – Online course for creating custom service workers with a React application.

CINEFUSE – Web app built with React with Redux owned by a client I worked for.  I did front end work including UI features and enhancements as well as maintenance for the site.  Social media site for movie lovers or anyone looking to discover movies and interact with others about them giving ratings, reviews and comments.

Other Projects: