One of the best MySQL Tutorials on Youtube

I recently finished going through a very good guide to MySQL by Bucky Roberts who is a popular programming teacher on Youtube.  His channel is called thenewboston and I highly recommend checking his tutorials out if you are looking for a good learning resource.  The tutorial was concise and to the point and covered:

  • Basic keywords and statements such as SELECT, FROM
  • Fully Qualified Ids
  • Filtering keywords such as WHERE, AND, OR, IN, NOT IN, GROUP BY (can be used with functions), ORDER BY (DESC), and LIMIT
  • Wildcards: %, _
  • Column Creation using Concat with AS
  • Functions such as UPPER(), SQRT()
  • Aggregate Functions such as COUNT(), AVG(), SUM(), MAX(), MIN()
  • Joining Tables using Inner Joins and Outer Joins (LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN)
  • Unions for getting a single result from multiple queries (UNION)
  • Fulltext Searching using ADD FULLTEXT() function with Match() and Against(), IN BOOLEAN MODE using ‘+’ or ‘-‘
  • Editing Databases with INSERT INTO and VALUES keywords
  • Editing data with UPDATE and SET keywords, as well as DELETE
  • Creating Tables with CREATE TABLE and specifying parameters with name, data type, max data storage size and setting the PRIMARY KEY using NOT NULL and AUTO_INCREMENT
  • Adding and removing columns with ALTER TABLE, ADD and DROP COLUMN keywords
  • Creating Views using CREATE VIEW and Concat() function
  • Backing up and restoring Databases using PHPMyAdmin

I really enjoyed learning about MySQL and am hungry for more.  I’m looking forward to  continuing to learn about more advanced topics including Triggers, Cursors and Stored Procedures.  It’s amazing to me how many high quality learning resources are out there on Youtube, Udemy, Codecademy, and all over the internet, a lot of which are low cost or even free.  For someone who is interested in learning all they can, it is truly a playground of knowledge.

If you want to take a look at my notes that I took while going through this tutorial, they are attached here.  The format is basic and it is just a simple text file, but it should give you an idea of what the course covers and it might be useful to you to peruse for review or to get your feet wet with SQL.

MySQL Tutorial Notes

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