Welcome to my website and blog!

I am a Full Stack Web Developer and work with modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as React, Redux, Node, Express and database technologies such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB.  Please get in touch through the CONTACT Page to discuss how I can help with your project needs.

Latest Projects: 

You can learn more about me and the languages, skills and technologies I employ on the ABOUT Page.

You can also see my current projects I’m working on in the PROJECTS Page and can view my GitHub page HERE with some of my uploaded code.

My blog posts (click here to read my BLOG) include topics covering courses and learning sources I currently use for study and what I am working on.   If you’re trying freelancing and want tips on finding clients you might want to read the How I Find Clients post, or if you’re interested in learning about various programming topics, check out the “In A Nutshell” series posts where I try to break down a programming concept into a short paragraph and then explore it in more detail.  I hope you will find the articles interesting and helpful.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on and creating applications that help solve problems and are useful to people, and I will be updating this site with the latest news, cool new things I’m learning, my current application projects and more.

My latest pet project Stock Glasses is a web app built with React-Redux, Firebase and Python Flask which is an app facilitating focused and simplified stock analysis inspired by First Principles thinking and Benjamin Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor“.  Click here to use the app.

I have also deployed a prototype full version of my  full stack React project, Comments Explorer, which you can read about here.   It is a social media research/management tool, which could also be used for research on topics of interest, or just for down right entertainment.   The app uses the Youtube Data API, and was built with React and Redux.  Please check it out, have fun using it and I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for visiting!